Who the hell are "The Screwed" anyway?

Are they four guys (Cleave Anderson, John Borra, Steve Koch and Steve Saint) who have been playing consistently on the Toronto scene since the early 80's (and before!) - touching on every major musical genre from first generation punk through rock-a-billy, cow-punk, blues, garage rock, roots rock and psychedlia?

Have they played in more bands than will fit on this page but maybe we could mention a few like The Viletones, The Demics, The Battered Wives, A Neon Rome, The Handsome Neds, Change of Heart, Blue Rodeo,  Screamin’ Sam and the Sinisters?

Are they the band that kick-started a reassessment and revival of the first generation of  Canadian punk bands in southern Ontario, backup up local legends like the B Girls, Steve Leckie of the Viletones, Johnny MacLeod of the G-Rays, Zero of Zero 4, and many others?

Are they the garage rock aficionados who lured Dave Bingham (of the great 60's garage band the Ugly Ducklings) out of retirement and presented their 1967 album "Somewhere Outside" with Gord Lewis of Teenage Head to a new generation of adoring fans?

Are they the backup band for Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys when he comes north of the border, performing the Dead Boys punk classics and Cheetah's solo material? 

check, check, check check and check!

Steve Koch, John Borra, Cleave Anderson (front) & Steve Saint


Cleave (drums)
John (bass & vocals)
Steve (guitar & vocals)
Saint (vocals)