"Green Haired Girl" (Released 2013)

Green Haired Girl

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1. Green Haired Girl
2. The Shaggs
3. Clarence Jonker
4. Red Line Man
5. Malcome & Vivienne
6. Getting Beat Up
7. Last Pogo
8. Screamin' Fist (the Viletones)
9. Just One Foot In The Gutter (the Ugly)
10. Picture My Face (Teenage Head)
11. Suzie Peroxide (the Secrets)
12. Nothin' (the Ugly Ducklings)
13. Barbra (the Modernettes)
14. New York City (the Demics)


"1977" (Released 2007)


A collection of vintage punk-rock songs circa 1977 covered by the Screwed.


1. First Time (the Boys)
2. Sonic Reducer (the Dead Boys)
3. Neat Neat Neat (the Damned)
4. Baby Baby (the Vibrators)
5. Pretty Vacant (the Sex Pistols)
6. Another Girl, Another Planet (the Only Ones)
7. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (the Ramones)
8. Career Opportunities (the Clash)
9. Born To Lose (the Heartbreakers)
10. What Do I Get (the Buzzcocks)
11. In The City (the Jam)
12. Your Generation (Generation X)