New CD Released!

Since they released their first album of first wave punk covers "1977", the band has been back in the studio with recording wizard and Screwed secret weapon Peter J. Moore. They've laid down a new CD of 7 new originals and 7 killer covers of some of the greatest Canadian punk and garage songs.

The Screwed are proud to announce the birth of their new record: "Green Haired Girl".  As always, the Screwed are passionate about great rock music of the past and this time the focus is on Canadian classics that deserve another day in the sun. From the tough seminal Toronto bands like the Viletones (Screaming Fist) and the Ugly (One Foot in the Gutter) to the 1966 garage classic of the Ugly Ducklings (Nothing) and conceivably the greatest pop punk song ever by Vancouver’s Modernettes (Barbra) - all songs to believe in.

Seven new songs compliment the covers in the inimitable Screwed style name checking everything from the 60's girl garage band "The Shaggs" to the famous "Last Pogo" and the seediest and most beloved of all Bloor Street punk clubs, the Turning Point on "Green Haired Girl".

Check out the new CD "Green Haired Girl" - available on iTunes.

And check out their YouTube channel!

Steve Saint, John Borra, Cleave Anderson & Steve Koch